Why, What & How is a Colon Cleanse

A Light body is a body that is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually purified.
In our times with all the pollution everywhere around us, the air we breath, the water we drink,
the food we eat is very very hard to keep up with our fitness and health.

Our work is starting in the physical.

We take the physical body as a base to all the other bodies, etheric, astral etc. that are
reflecting each other, purifying the physical, then the emotional, mental and spiritual patterns
will eventually meet with the source.

Each one of our bodies are unique in their own individual ways,
taken the fact that we have grown in different climates, different nutritional habbits,under
different emotional, mental, spiritual patterns, each one of us has different weaknesses to

Only within ourselves we know exactly what we have put inside our body during in this
lifetime,but, there`s one thing we can surely say about each and everyone of us modern
humans and that is that the standard diet of the modern man of the 21st century with soda
drinks,pizza, burgers, pasta , gennetically modified vegetables, cow dairies, chemical colors,
artificial flavors and manipulated stabilizers, is a toxin creation diet!

Toxin or muquoid plaque is the “houses” of bad bacteria and parasites, that literally are
inhabitating our colon more and more day by day.

Heavy toxicated colon and Parasites are the main reasons of any instability or sickness or
weakness that a human body can experience according to many doctors and scientists.
Unfortunately, through the centuries we've forgotten where we came from and we used
the power of the mind against our bodies and the Earth and now we are facing the worst
environmental toxicity ever known.

When our physical, emotional and mental bodies are cleansed, we re-member and live in the
optimum capacity of our amazing machines.

As particles of One source, lucky enough to be given the gift of life,
our bodies Are our Temples.

Our vehicles are the microcosmos of this Earth, consisting of the five known elements.

Earth (Matter), Air (Oxygen), Water (H20), Fire (Sun), and Ether(Spirit).

These elements combined organically altogether in a non stop proccess, creating life eternal on
the planet and its inhabitants, from the sprouting of the seed to the singing of the whales to the
flight of the birds to the birth of the Human.

The optimal landscape within our physical structure in order to thrive would consist of all the

The Earth element is found in All Raw Organic foods that consist of high amounts of more than
100 minerals and enzymes. May food be thy medicine, medicine be thy food. Therefore Food

Air is the fresh Breath and the Oxygen we take in each second!

Water, is the most of us about 70 to 80 %, just like the globe.

Ether is the Psyche or Soul, the Spirit within and without.

The Fire element would come from the Sun Energy for humans to photosynthesize and it would
be represented by the stomach and the function of digestion.

All begins and ends in our delicate digestive system, a very intelligent system, mainly consisting
of one long pipe, starting from the mouth, becoming other parts like the esophagus, the
stomach, the small intestine, colon, and finally the rectum.

Point is to keep this system as clean as possible but as everything gets dusty so the inner body
gets toxic.
With a very simple experiment we can understand the collection of the toxins in the system.

Imagine that you are doing an experiment in your laboratory and lets take the aforementioned
digestive long pipe, but for the experiment the pipe is made of transparent glass.

Take the pipe and pour fried oil in it.
After passing through the pipe, the oil not suprisingly leaves behind it a residue. This particular
residue is not recognized by the body as friendly material and cannot be digested or excreted
tottaly, so a small residue stays in.

After the fried oil, we pass through the pipe, artificially colored partially hydrogenated
monosodium glutamate filled processed packaged sugar, wheat, sodas, pizzas, pastas, coffees
and whatnot, or simple our daily eating habbits for years and years.

Residue after residue after residue creates layers on top of layers on top of layers of this junk
that stays mostly inside our intestines, because that’s where food stays the most time during
the digestion.

Now, how old are you? How many “toxic” foods have you eaten ? How well did you chew on
your food? Millions of meals running through your colon never cleansed out.

The body mechanism in order to protect itself from every little poison that we pass through it, it
releases mucus.

Layer after layer of the unknown junk material mixes in with the mucus and adheres to the
walls of your pipe, mainly in the colon, creating mucoid plaque. This plaque is created meal after
meal, year after year creating colonies of bad bacteria and parasites.

Now that’s not the end of it, our colon has a skin like fine netting allowing only the nutrients of
each food to pass. Any parasite or bacteria is too large to fit through. Unfortunately with mucoid
plaque stuck to the walls of the colon the holes of the net expands therefore allowing bigger
particles such as bad bacteria and parasites to pass through.
The work of the colon in the body is to pass to the blood the nutrients that are digested. The
blood takes all its nutrients from the colon in order to distribute it to the entire body. Therefore
all the arteries and veins take food from round the colon and small intestine.
When the colon is clogged with toxins and the walls are expanded then the blood is taking the
toxins together with the nutrients and carrying them to the rest of the organs creating sickness
in the organs year after year, meal after meal.

If we see the body as an orchestra that plays our daily life as musical piece and each organ
vibrates in different frequency we can understand the function of it in a much bigger scale than
just a digestive machine.
When we listen to violin our heart will respond with a lisght stimulation over it.
If we hear guitar then the response will come from our belly.

Drums are lower in the genitals and feet.
Our Body is alive to Every Beat of Sound around us and it organizes it according to its
The colon is the only organ that contains all of the frequencies, the colon is the Maestro of the

If the colon is not purified (packed with toxins), then the frequencies and the perilstatic
movement won't be in harmony and the melody of our thoughts words or actions, and
comunication will be out of harmony and we will feel unbalanced.

For a harmonious life, the perilstatic movement should complete its cycle every 12 hours
without stimulants, therefore a healthy colon should have a movement twice a day, almost the
same time.

According to Dr.Bernard Jensen, we are born in certain health and because of our malnutrition
our health is downward slope. He has shown us the way to turn the wheel and reverse this
pattern in any stage, in any sickness we might be in.

We all grew up and lived in this century of pollution, over information, unbalanced in our own
way. The more we wait, for a cleanse, deetox, the more of a challenge we'll have to climb up for
our health.

The way to reverse is through a good intestinal cleanse followed by a good liver and parasite
cleanse, followed by a maintenace routine consisting of good eating habits such as Raw
Organic green vegetables, Herbs, Superfoods and Helathy doses of Supplements, sea weeds,
Mushrooms ,fresh fruits, Raw nuts and seeds, and lots and lots of quality water and air.

Another important part that we include in any cleanse is movement of the body and the
relaxation, prayer or meditation part.

Movement is as essential as nutrition as the body is a kinetic machine and needs to clean
different toxins that clean out only through movement.

Taking ten minutes daily to close your eyes, your phone, mouth, tv, radio, and shut off the
chattering mind from the outside world and feel the unique inner being.

Go to the beach, walk in the forest, talk to a flower, hug a tree,swim with the dolphins, receive
a massage therapy, relax in the hummock, sit under the morning sun, sun gase in the sunset,
watch your breath.,scan your body, pray to God, amplify your happiness, empower your true
self, look within.

The Triangle of Health is a great help for each one of us to see exactly where we stand right
Draw a triangle, using as the base Movement 33% Nutrition 33% and at the top Meditation and
Prayer, Relaxation 33%.

Cleansing & Purifying our body, Exercising, Meditating, Relaxing, will bring us to a relaxed
natural simple state of being.


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