Noni fruit is one of the most incredible foods we could find on Earth! One of the most Ormus-rich superfoods!The traditional tribes people of Polynesia used Noni (Morinda citrifolia) for its health benefits in almost everything they had.

 Modern research is finding confirmation of this ancient wisdom, with noni consumption potentially leading to significant improvements in well-being and increases in energy levels.

Irie Noni Powder is made from noni trees in Indonesia, Bali, the island of the Gods! Mineral-rich soils of volcanic origin, pure water, ancient wisdom & healing intention surrounding every Noni tree.

The resilient Noni trees of Bali,Indonesia fed with diluted ocean water and lots of LOVE.
A whole family is praying while making this powder for the healing of all the people who will drink it. Noni is famous for its production of polysaccharides and Ormus elements that are usually found within polysaccharides, an element that keeps the body and mind  Up and going!

The Noni fruits used to create this Irie Noni Powder have been harvested at the peak of ripeness, pureed into a thick, sweet paste, then dried under the Sun. It takes almost 30 pounds of fresh, ripe Noni fruit to produce 4 oz of Irie Noni Powder! The result is a complete, whole food Noni Powder, with all the nutritional abundance of the Noni fruit and the Noni seeds.

Every step of processing is done entirely within the family of Indonesia, and there is no risk of degradation because the Noni are dehydrated immediately after harvesting. The ripe, Ormus-laden Noni puree is dried until its colour has changed from the light emerald of the ripe Noni fruit to a rich, vibrant caramel.

Mix the powder with natural juices and start by a tea spoon a day. Gradually reach the tabl.sp per day for excellant health!
We love Irie Noni Powder !
Bless Up!
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  1. Great post! This fruit is a gift for our good health given by God.Noni itself is a fruit juice. It's high in vitamin C and it has a number of compounds that are very high in antioxidants and phytochemicals, roughly comparable in dosage to an ounce of grape skins. Also, a glass of Noni juice has slightly less calories than a glass of orange juice.
    Goji berry juice

  2. Yes! and so much more, noni contains a magic ingredient that so far scientists haven`t discovered, and that`s the mystical part in this fruit!

  3. Very good information please keep it it up


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