Colon Cleanse seminar

A Week Long Seminar in deep detox

* Why try it?

This one week Cleanse is a tried and tested combination that provides a quick ‘tune up’ for experienced cleansers or is the perfect introduction to the healing and restorative powers of detoxification.

* What can you expect?

Cleansers describe significant increase in energy, vitality, greater stamina, reduction of food cravings,
reduction of allergy symptoms, more efficient digestion, improved complexion and fewer blemishes.

With deep cleansing the release and clearing of negative emotions that takes place evokes a spiritual
connection or a heightening of consciousness that cleansers describe as a truly spiritual experience or


Emotional and Spiritual Benefits:

*Overall sense of well-being.
*Possible release of negative emotions
*Possible release of past traumas
*Improves sleep
*Provides a healthy good looking
*Loss of weight/ slim look
*Reducing cravings and developing a new relationship with food to discover the joy of healthy eating.
*Restoring harmony and balance.
*Dissolving stress and restoring emotional well-being, for greater happiness.
*Connecting to the love and peace within, the Higher Self.
*Opening a doorway to a joyful and heighten awareness, greater spiritual transformation, and
connection to a higher power.

What is happening in all levels this week of cleanse

The seminar is happening in three phases, all the supplements, herbs and special drinks are the highest quality organic herbs made by experts or doctors, mostly.


This phase starts up the journey, Is our take off!
We begin our daily full on programm in the steps of mild detox as preparation, leaving all behind, preparing to go deeper into our bodies, deeper into our guts!
We use mild special drinks, herbal formulas, vitamins, minerals, juices, light eating, special colonics, meditation & exercise.
The chemistry of our bodies takes 3 days to change.
Preparation phase takes 3 days to adjust, in order to enjoy a good deep healthy cleanse phase 2.

In this phase we start Juice fasting, we increase the special drinks, herbal formulas, vitamins, minerals, and we start a silence period of exercing, walks in nature, swimming in the sea and lots of space, lectures, sharing circles and more allowing ourselves to go deeper into our own bodies, stories, lives etc. In this pahse we do our Liver flush no1, which helps us eliminate gall stones, liver stones and liver sand. This is an ancient method of Ayurveda, Indian medicine.
Its a miraculous method, that after the group is applied at home for 5 more times until the whole aerea of the liver is fully flushed.

* Everything we always disliked in ourselves comes up in this phase - only to say goodbye - this farewell is grately appreciated by our bodies, minds, spirit.
We see and experience how suffering can be transformed into bliss, gratitude, deep loving feelings, freedom and compassion!

Keep it real and keep it rolling till the end of this phase. Always in a good spirit!

It helps to receive sessions, massage, reiki, nature walks, ocean swimming or just a sauna for better toxin elimination!

The Motto is ..."this too shall pass"

Ending the seminar we allow few days after the liver flush to ground ourselves into the new
bodies, minds, emotions we discovered under the toxin bedding of our guts.

We try eating again, slowly, continuing with the loving nutrition, herbal, vitamins and mineralization of our bodies. It`s a period for integration of all what happened biologically, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

After Phase 3, we give another landing programm to follow at home.

Here the body alarms us when we have the "right" food or the"wrong" one and food becomes a divine
sensation that lifts us up everyday, making us feel younger,easy,joyfull and in a state of well being everyday more and better.
At the end of the first week after the cleanse is finished we are feelling the best ever.

We eat respectfully to celebrate abundance! Here we learn to apreciate food and our body/temple.

In Lakesh...

Here is a video describing it... Anna s video

Other levels...

We move into a unique journey in all levels: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.
As we cleanse the physical being we create a vortex of energy within us, cleansing also the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of ourselves.
From the ancient times, in Tibetan medicine is well known, that each organ together with the
physical/material side, carries also emotional and mental patterns.
We can easily recognise an overworked liver by the persons fond in violence, be it vocal, mental or emotonal!
How does this happen? for example when we are angry at our boss or partner and cannot yell at them, some people go and eat something(usually it`s heavy fast food or pasta), to push the emotion or the mental chattering down... the food we eat at this moment of anger, dispair, sadness etc. goes and sits, glues, into an organ that`s responsible for anger(liver) and then this energy that we just pushed down, surfaces everytime we try supressing something... and we move on to the habbit, we go eat.
The supressed food then becomes a toxin both in that organ and in the guts, then from the guts it moves to the rest of the organs and we become sick, constipated, bored, heavy, unhappy, tiredsome, desperate, depressed, etc.
This emotion after years of literally feeding it, becomes a serious sickness like diabetes, cancer, insomnia, heart attacks etc.
Therefore all our inner organs have a major role in our emotional, mental, spiritual patterns and we are going to explore this world of the inner body in this week of deep detox!

All the methods for cleansing used in our group are ancient methods with thousands of people succeding during the past centuries and more than 3000 people in our hands.


* What the experts say

You clean your skin and hair; you clean out your car and closets! So why not clean out your body?
Its the most important of all!
Dr. Richard Andersen

Improving the condition of your bowel will give you worthwhile dividends in renewed health, energy and vitality, an investment well made. Once the bowel is cleansed of accumulated waste material, the next step begins. Giving up old habits is a very difficult thing for most people but is absolutely essential to regaining full health. The building process begins when correct, life-giving attitudes and habits take over. We can regenerate the body when we have clean tissues that are able to draw all the nutrients and chemical elements we need from the foods we eat. Coffee and donuts will not do the job; sugar and white bread won't either. If old habits are not given up, only temporary "flash" results will be experienced.
Dr. Bernard jensen

We have a sanitation department in our body. We have a cesspool, a sewer, so to speak, and we must keep it clean. We must set it up bacterially-wise so that we do not get into the disharmony or disease conditions. Dr. Bernard jensen

Constipation is often referred to by those who have studied the situation as the "modern plague." Indeed, it is the greatest present-day danger to health. ... The accusation is made that the removal of fiber from the diet is also responsible for tumors and cancer due to biochemical changes associated with poor bowel elimination.
Dr. Bernard jensen

The cleanse is so powerful and so effective that not only can it detoxify the whole body, it can also help to detoxify the mind, emotions, and subconscious patterns; the old conditionings’ that have left deep impressions upon our subconscious and physical body, and formed us to be what we have become; a programmed false self that incorrectly believes itself to be limited.
The herbal formulas that we use in the cleanse can assist us in this great transformation because many of these old programs are deeply embedded throughout our entire physical body. We have old programmed emotions (patterns) that are associated with specific organs, proteins, and various fluids in our body. Removing toxins, acids, mucus, mucoid plaque, congestion, and old dying cells that are attached to these emotional patterns is a powerful way to assist the Exodus of these false beliefs. In essence, when we cleanse deeply we can remove many of these old programs and when we do, we find our health and energy arising to a whole new level; we find physical problems disappearing and even more important, we find the core of our being lifted into greater happiness, love and joy and then a new awareness emerges.
Dr. Richard andersen
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Responsibility disclaimer

Our work is filled with alternative health restoration protocols that have been found to work from the experience of grassroots efforts by many people around the world.
Every individual is personally responsible for his/her decision as to whether or how they use this information, or whether or not they seek officially recognized medical attention.
The information contained in all our work is strictly for educational purposes.
Nothing in our work is intended to constitute medical advice or treatment.
The protocols described herein have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These protocols are official sacraments of our investigation over 50 years. If you wish to apply the protocols we offer, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.You accept 100% responsibility for any and all use made of any information herein. All information that you find/get from us is only for well being with natural herbal ways and not to cure anything. We are not doctors, we don't cure anything, we are not prescribing medicines. We don't have diplomas, we only share our own experiences and with that we aspire to inspire you to take care of your body and your health. If you decide to act upon any information given by us, in group or in private or email or in message or written or in post, you must take full responsibility of the results that might come with it. Each individual must
take responsibility for their own health. Author and co-author of this work cannot take responsibility for any adverse detoxification effects or consequences resulting from the use of any suggestions or procedures described in these protocols. We can only share our experiences, so you can explore your body. Be aware of how your body reacts, listen to it and take your health in your hands. 
Thank you

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