Cleanse Testimonials

Cleanse Testimonials  
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It’s difficult to write a short testimonial because a lot of wonderful things happened to me during and after the Detox & Yoga retreat in June at Okreblue in Paros. I’m very thankful. For me a dream has come true. During the retreat I noticed that I was dependent from eating habits which weren’t good for me (f.ex. too much pasta, bread, pizza). In the past I tried often to stop eating these things but then I got more problems with my intestine (probably because I didn’t know what I can eat and how to eat it). During and after the retreat everything changed. Now I eat a lot of things which I never ate before also because I didn’t like them. I don’t want bread and pasta anymore and I gained a lot of awareness. Now my body knows what he needs and I know what happens to my body when I eat certain food. I know how to take care of my body. My problems with my intestine are away (gas, irregular and difficult bowel movement), just the hemorrhoids are still here, but they don’t disturb me, because they are very small. Also my skin cleansed a lot and I have no problems during my menstruation. Before the retreat during my menstruation I always got a headache, bellyache, diarrhea and nausea, but after the retreat I felt wonderful during the menstruation. That’s a wonder. In just one week I changed a lot and I’m very thankful and happy. Aponi gave me also a lot of important information for my everyday life and I think most of the people don’t know these things and that’s why it’s so wonderful that people like Aponi exist. I completely changed my way of life and for the first time I feel clean, easy and very healthy! It’s wonderful! Thank you!
Gret Britten, june 2014

With the detox I had an amazing experience, of those that seem unbelievable until experiencing it for youself. A couple of months before taking it, I was starting to worry because I had gained weight with no reason and it was almost impossible to lose it. I also felt tired, as if my metabolism was no longer the same.
This detox not only made me reach my former weight, it stabilized it. My colesterol decreased and my strenght came back. It also awoke my metabolism, now I can eat food that would usually make me gain weight again, but I haven't. Of course the idea is to follow the food recomendations from the detox, but sometimes you just have to deal with what you find (in meetings, at work, invitations, etc). Mainly I decided to buy at home only the good stuff, and leave the bad ones for those social events where you can not avoid eating shit.
I got to confirm that unhealthy food can be measured by their effects in our body, such as deseases and premature aging. When you get used to eating healthy, well done food, going back to industrial foods is almost impossible, because when tasting it your body rejects it, flavors no longer taste good, is tastes like plastic. You realize you what you are eating. And your economy gets better as your choices are filtered when going to the market, shoping reduces to more than half. You feel tempted to create other flavors, to experiment with different new natural ingredients. You discover a whole new universe....
Finally I witnessed not only my own transformation, but that from those having the detox with me, I saw incredible changes, physical and emotional ones in the people taking this course.
Totally recomended!!!!
Ines Urdaneta (Mexico cleanse 2012)
Copyright ©Anna Korakaki 

My Life and my habbits until recently where not at all Yogi-like...
Apart from the fact that i was doing yoga quite often, i was smoking, drinking alcohol, also often...
When i met Anna and she started talking to me about all these "weird things" like Colon Cleanse, liver flush etc. i started feeling that the time had come for a change to happen in my life.
So, i took the challenge of colonics and cleanse, new nutrition.
My headaches vanished! i used to have quite often not only headaches but many more that if i start naming it doesnt end... but what i want to say here is and what you will read below is something you are not going to believe, but is the truth!
Everything happen for a reason at the right moment, even though it doesnt seem like it right from the beginning!
Two years ago, while everything was looking good and healthy in me, i went under some tests and they found Hepatites C!!!!
Let me note here that at that period in my life i was very angry and anger weakens the liver.
I went to many doctors, and everyone suggested the same method for healing this, the Interferon Method. Its a chemical treatment,that no-one guarantees any results.
No one could tell me that if i go under this treatment, i would get rid of the sickness.
The answers of the doctors in my many questions where not at all en-lightenning.
They just insited in taking the Interferon. I got very scared... I tried to tell the doctor for "alternative methods" but his reaction was to make fun of it. :eaving his office i told him i would try first an alternative healing with natural methods and he said if i was ever gonna make it, he would tear apart his Diploma!!!
When i went back home, i connected with Anna where she subscribed a Colon Cleanse/ Deep Detox with colonics and liver flush...long term. SHe designed it for me and send it. I had nothing to loose.
I said to myself that if this didnt work i would try chemical methods. But something was telling me that i wouldnt have to...
With great will and discipline i folowed a 45 days(Interferon Method can last 6 months or more and during these months you feel sick at all times). I have to say here that the period of the 45 days i was literally flying!!! In the beginning was a bit hard until i got used to all those nutritional changes mainly, but afterwards i was feeling very good.
A month after the end of the Colon Cleanse i went for tests in the Hippocrates General Hospital(where i had had my first exams) and when the results came out, noone believed it!!!

Hepatites C Negative!! The doctor and the nurse that were there asked me if i did the Interferon, but when i started explaining what i did, was like talking about Aliens that came up at night, during my sleep and they healed me!!! they made me undergo the tests again and the results was negative again.
 Ever since i do at least once a year Colon Cleanse and Detox.
Im not tryting to convince anyone here, im not saying that all the doctors of this world are useles, neither that this method can heal all the Hepetites C in the world!!
Before you put inside of your body any Chemical Methods, try something else. You`ve got nothing to loose!
Here im only sharing my experience with you and maybe i can help someone else to believe that it`s possible to heal oneself with natural methods.
In my case we talk about a quite difficult sickness... imagine what happens with more simple things from the things that happen to us!
"your food is thy medicine" Believe it and it will change your life.

Thank you,
Yogini 2012 Copyright ©Anna Korakaki

2.(in greek)
Η ζωη μου και οι συνηθειες μου μεχρι πολυ λιγα χρονια πριν, ηταν καθε αλλο παρα γιογκικες...
Παρ'οτι εκανα γιογκα τακτικα, καπνιζα και επινα αλκοολ επισης τακτικα...Οταν γνωρισα την Αννα και αρχισε να μου μιλαει για "ολα αυτα τα περιεργα πραγματα" οπως καθαρισμος παχεος εντερου, καθαρισμος συκωτιου κτλ, αρχισα να νιωθω πως ηρθε η στιγμη να αλλαξει κατι στη ζωη μου. Μπηκα λοιπον στη διαδικασια των καθαρισμων και της αλλαγης διατροφης. Κοπηκαν οι πονοκεφαλοι που ειχα καπου καπου και διαφορα αλλα που αν αρχισω να τα απαριθμω...δε θα τελειωσω....Αυτο που θελω να πω εδω και θα διαβασετε παρακατω ειναι πραγματικα απιστευτο...και ομως αληθινο! Ολα συμβαινουν για καποιο λογο και παντα στην καταλληλη στιγμη...εστω κι αν δεν φαινεται αμεσως.
Πριν 2 χρονια περιπου και ενω φαινομενικα ολα πηγαιναν καλα, εκανα καποιες εξετασεις και η διαγνωση ηταν Ηπατιτιδα C!!!!!
Να σημειωσω οτι, σε εκεινη τη φαση της ζωης μου, ημουν πολυ θυμωμενη και ο θυμος αποδυναμωνει το συκωτι.
Πηγα σε αρκετους γιατρους και ολοι μου συστησαν τη μεθοδο της ιντερφερονης. Ειναι μια χημικη θεραπεια, που ομως δεν εχει σιγουρα αποτελεσματα. Κανεις δε μου ελεγε ξεκαθαρα οτι αν κανω αυτη τη χημειοθεραπεια θα απαλλαγω απο την ασθενεια. Οι απαντησεις των γιατρων στις πολλες ερωτησεις μου δεν ηταν διολου διαφωτιστικες. Απλως επεμεναν στην ιντερφερονη. Φοβηθηκα πολυ...Προσπαθησα να πω στο γιατρο για "εναλλακτικους τροπους θεραπειας" και η αντιδραση ηταν κοροιδευτικη. Φευγοντας του ειπα οτι θα προσπαθησω να το αντιμετωπισω με φυσικους τροπους και εκεινος μου ειπε πως αν το καταφερω θα σκισει τα διπλωματα του!!!
Οταν επεστρεψα στο σπιτι επικοινωνησα με την Αννα και μου προτεινε βαθια αποτοξινωση με υδροκαθαρμους και καθαρισμο συκωτιου...μακρας διαρκειας. Το σχεδιασε και μου το εστειλε.
Δεν ειχα τιποτα να χασω. Ειπα στον εαυτο μου πως αν δεν πετυχαινε αυτο τοτε θα δοκιμαζα τη χημεια. Κατι μου ελεγε ομως πως δε θα χρειαζοταν...
Με πολλη αποφασιστικοτητα και πειθαρχια ακολουθησα ενα προγραμμα 45 ημερων (η αγωγη της ιντερφερονης μπορει να κρατησει 6 μηνες ή παραπανω-σε αυτο το διαστημα νιωθεις συνεχεια αρρωστος). Πρεπει να σας πω οτι στο διαστημα των 45 ημερων κυριολεκτικα πετουσα!!! Στην αρχη ηταν λιγο δυσκολο μεχρι να συνηθισω ολες αυτες τις διατροφικες κυριως αλλαγες, αλλα μετα ενιωθα πολυ καλα.
Ενα μηνα μετα το τελος της θεραπειας πηγα για εξετασεις στο Ιπποκρατειο Νοσοκομειο (εκει που ειχα κανει και τις πρωτες εξετασεις) και οταν βγηκαν τα αποτελεσματα δεν το πιστευε κανεις!!!
Ηπατιττιδα C Αρνητικο!! Ο γιατρος και η νοσοκομα που ηταν εκει με ρωτησαν αν εκανα ιντερφερονη και οταν αρχισα να λεω τι εκανα, ηταν σα να μιλουσα για κατι εξωγηινους που ηρθαν το βραδυ στον υπνο μου και με θεραπευσαν!!! Με εβαλαν να ξανακανω εξετασεις και το αποτελεσμα ηταν και παλι αρνητικο.
Απο τοτε κανω τουλαχιστον μια φορα το χρονο καθαρισμο συκωτιου και αποτοξινωση.
Δεν προσπαθω να πεισω κανεναν, ουτε και να πω πως ολοι οι γιατροι του κοσμου ειναι αχρηστοι, ουτε οτι αυτη η μεθοδος ειναι θα θεραπευσει ολο τον κοσμο που εχει Ηπαττιτιδα C!! Πριν να βαλεις τη χημεια μεσα σου, πριν παρεις οποιοδηποτε φαρμακο δοκιμασε και κατι αλλο. Δεν εχεις να χασεις τιποτα!
Εδω απλως μοιραζομαι την εμπειρια μου και ισως να βοηθησω και καποιον αλλο να πιστεψει οτι οντως ειναι δυνατο να θεραπευσει τον εαυτο του με φυσικους τροπους. Στην περιπτωση μου μιλαμε για μια ασθενεια αρκετα δυσκολη...φανταστειτε τι γινεται με πιο απλα πραγματα που μας συμβαινουν!
"Η τροφη σου ειναι το φαρμακο σου" Πιστεψε το και θα αλλαξει η ζωη σου.
Yogini 2012
Copyright ©Anna Korakaki 
O Καθαρισμός με έχει μεταμορφώσει θετικά! Aισθάνομαι πλέον πώς λειτουργεί η τροφή στο σώμα μου είτε θετικά είτε αρνητικά. Το δέρμα μου λάμπει περισσότερο, η ενέργεια μου είναι πολύ πιο ψηλά κ νοιώθω πραγματικά ότι πετάω. Είναι δύσκολος ο καθαρισμός απαιτεί πολύ προσήλωση συνειδητοποίηση γιατί το κάνω και φυσικά πειθαρχία! Καθαρίζοντας το σώμα από τις τοξίνες καθαρίζει συγχρόνως και το πνεύμα γιατί αυτά είναι αλληλέγγυα. Προσωπικά δε με δυσκόλεψε τόσο σωματικά, δεν είχα έντονα συμπτώματα που να με ενοχλήσουν πολύ εκτός από πονοκεφάλους κάτι που είναι φυσιολογικό λόγω της απομάκρυνσης των τοξινών, όσο το να βάλω το μυαλό μου σε μια πειθαρχία να μην τα παρατήσει για να φάει τη τροφή που εκείνη την ώρα ζητάει.
Θέλει αποφασιστικότητα και συνειδητοποίηση.
Τα αποτελέσματα του με ανταμείβουν!
Το κόστος σε χρήματα είναι αρκετό θα έλεγα για μένα, αλλά είναι πραγματική επένδυση, επενδύω σε μια καλύτερη ζωή επενδύω σε ένα καλύτερο εαυτό! Και το εισπράττω βέβαια το έχω ήδη εισπράξει!
Το βασικό προϊόν για τον καθαρισμό αλλά και για μετά είναι το νόνι. Το νόνι είναι ευεργετικό βοηθάει πολύ το έντερο να κινείται σωστά. Λατρεύω πραγματικά το νόνι πίνω κάθε μέρα με τους χυμούς μου και με το τσάι μου και αισθάνομαι υγεία και πολύ ενέργεια! Είναι το καλύτερο αποτοξινωτικό!! Στον καθαρισμό μου είναι απαραίτητο γιατί βοηθάει το έντερο να αποβάλλει πιο εύκολα τις τοξίνες. Και έχει υπέροχο άρωμα!!
T/S, Athens 2012 Copyright ©Anna Korakaki

hello Anna!

I had no opportunity to say goodbye when I left Tao last sunday but I did get my scan and I was really
surprised with the results comparison, specially in the stress of my organs and the depression symptoms that I showed in the first scan.
I want to share with you that mi liver showed no difference
I know that I have to keep working on it, I'll do
the 2nd liver flush in two weekends from now, I hope I can help my liver.
Yesterday, Gaby and I began with the 3 days of grapefruit and I noticed this morning that my body is really changing just like you told us: it is shrinking!!!
Anna, I am so grateful for this opportunity that life has given me to change everything, this Detox is really so deep that it is moving many things around (I just change my car and now I am looking for a new apartment, crazy because I had no plan of moving but I feel great with this decision). I want to thank you for being an inspiration and also for doing what you do to really help us, thank you so much!

Un abrazo,
Mariana Padilla, Mexico 2012
Copyright ©Anna Korakaki 

Hi Aponi, Hope all is well with you,

I wanted to let you know that I am continuing with the regimen that you taught us, Its been almost 4 months and i have lost 13 Kg.  and I feel GREAT !! 
I really want to thank you because you were a big part in this change in me. Thank you. 

I have been taking "Maca"  for almost 3 months now and its been awesome , My menstrual periods are exact to the date which it was totally the opposite in years past, I am taking the " Maca" after my lunch. Also I've done 3 liver flushes already and it seems that I'm doing better and I'm  going to keep doing it  until I complete my 6th flush, That should be around February. If you in town then would like to be in for a check up. 

Thank you much for your help.

Hope to hear from you soon. 
Best regards. 

Gaby Rivas, Mexico 2012
Copyright ©Anna Korakaki 

Katharismos, Kathrtico and NONI

Once, traveling in Greece I was very much (and hilariously) impressed by these words, because
they mean “cleansing” and “laxative”. We use the word “catharsis”, meaning the process of
physical expression of emotional and energetic alien complexes, as a way of releasing and bringing
the issue into consciousness to digest and integrate the material of traumatic experiences that
couldn’t be digested when they happened, for a variety of reasons. So “laxative” made funny
In a later trip I engaged into the process of colonic cleansing with Anna, finding the real, full
meaning of these concepts!
Cleansing the colon is really cleansing the self in so many different levels it’s really a life changing
experience. Because not only the expected happens, i.e. loss of unwanted weight, clarification
of the skin, shining in the eyes, wellbeing in general, lots of extra energy! Etc. also a very deep
profound process of integration and resolution of very old emotional material happens. Not that
there is memories necessarily, or catharsis as such, but emotions and energetic stuck material is
removed and released. In my experience I can clearly call it psyco-corporal therapy inside out!
In the process of this, at least in my case, having being a migraine sufferer since childhood, the
movement of toxins and other material in my body created headache, and there came NONI!
The truth is I didn’t believe in it much, I have taken quite an amount of medication all my life and
learnt to trust it, but Anna wouldn’t let me…she gave me NONI.
To my amazement, the headache diminished significantly in about 10 min, and was gone by the
next 10. Yes, it’s not my favorite flavor but it does work, not only for the ache but also for the
energetic value, this time in Greece I was very active and NONI kept me going loud and fast, I even
learned to like it!
I was very happy to learn that I can find NONI in Mexico, and can take it natural (which is even
better), because I am a very active, working full time, 50 year old, who has no plan of slowing
down any time soon; and yes half a century of a life raising 2 kids, working full time, traveling and
experimenting does take a toll on this beautifully designed and good built vehicle that is my body.
Because strong as it is, its chemistry is delicately balanced and dramatically affected by food, and
having gone through many experiences including 14 surgeries, one of them being breast cancer,
well, I have realized nothing is forever and I still have many plans on this planet.
So one has to learn to cherish, love and care for this precious container that has been with us since
birth and will accompany us till the last day in this existence, at least this time around.
Anna didn’t only cleansed my colon, she absolutely cleaned my act!
One of those people whom if I never see again, for whatever reason, I will never forget. More so, I
will remember her every time I eat, which is a lot of times!
Monyca Bouras
Practitioner of the shining path of Shamanism, psychotherapy and healing technics.
Copyright ©Anna Korakaki 

I hoped you would come back this year.
I feel great.
The clensing changed my life.
I haven´t been sick since the cleansing.
I lost 8 kg. , but it was to much so I gained 2 kg. 6kg less is perfect.
Like Joelle I had problems with people critizicing me because I lost so
much weight ,  but  it is not  only the weiht, It´s the health.
I did the heavy diet only the 7 weeks after the cleansing. I wish I would have
done the liver cleansing. I plan to do it.
I take one shot of fresh noni every day. There are a lot of noni trees here, so I
always have it fresh in a cristal jar. Many people drink noni here.
They have this special recipie from a homeopath:
Noni juice, apple juice, cranberry, star fruit (carambolo),
I have an amazing energy. I don´t get tired. I´´m 49 now and in perfect health.
I never thought of going to any shop and find clothes that fit me. That is awsome.
I wish I had a board to do the liver flush better.
How long do I have to diet before doing it.
I eat double of what I ate before.
Thank you , I wish everybody could do it.

A big hug for you and your family.

Anette Mexico

I started the Detox after suffering for many years  of overweight and my health was deteriorating. In 2007 my gall bladder was removed and my eating habits  changed,  Food was supposed to be healthier, eat  Chicken because it was low on fat. In occasions had some read meat  and very seldom fish, vegetables  and fruits etc,  but something wasn't right, I'd work out and gain more weight.
I did lots of diets and went up to 134  kg, The most I have ever weighted in my life. !!  and consequently  had few medical issues.  feeling Lethargic, tired, sleepy and everything was aggravating to me. My hormones were out of sync, My menstrual periods were late as much as 3 or 4 moths. Tired all day long, had no energy at all, pain in all of my joints .
In january 2012 did a medical physical exam and the doctor said to me that I was  a healthy " Big " Person because apparently everything was in the normal levels, In March of the same year I did a few more test and i was diagnose with ovarian Cyst  and treatment was only  Birth control pills.
The detox process did change my life it wasn't easy but it was my only way to a better healthier life.
when I started the detox  process it wasn't hard for me, I had chosen  work over meals, fasting was very easy the  liver flush  was tough though but i did 6 in total.  The " stones" that  were discarded have  gotten better after every flush.
Since then I kept up on my diet and eating habits although i have come  to a point where I have not drop any more weight,  I feel stock.
My first liver flush was on Aug. 2nd 2012 there are no pictures, But the stones were  big and yellow ! 
My second Liver flush was on  Sep. 22nd  & 23rd of 2012.

Imágenes integradas 1

My third  Liver flush  was on  Oct.  27th & 28th of 2012

Imágenes integradas 2   Imágenes integradas 3

My fourth Liver flush was on  Dec. 22nd & 23rd of 2012

Imágenes integradas 4

My fifth Liver flush was on  Jan. 12th & 13th of 2013  I lost the pictures but they were similar to my  4th flush.
My 6th Liver flush  was on  Feb. 13th & 14th  of 2013 since i didn't have the board i did it in a clinic and I couldn't take any pictures but I was surprise of the amount of stones that came out. I was a little worry  because i have never seen  so many stones before..
Gabriela Rivas Mexico

Γεια σου Αννα καλησπερα !!!

Μεσα απο αυτο το μειλ θα ηθελα απλα να σου πω ενα μεγαλο ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ !
Ενα ευχαριστω για αυτο που εχεις επιλεξει να κανεις στη ζωη σου,να βοηθας με αυτο τον τροπο τους συνανθρωπους σου.
Αν ο σκοπος της πορειας μας σε αυτο τον κοσμο ειναι να υπηρετουμε τους ανθρωπους γυρο μας,τοτε κανεις την καλυτερη δουλεια.

Μετα τον καθαρισμο εχουν αλλαξει πολλα σε εμενα.Ειναι απιστευτο αυτο που συμβαινει,ισως δεν βρω της καταληλες λεξεις να το περιγραψω
αλλα ειμαι ενθουσιασμενος!
Αλλαξα διατροφικες συνηθειες που ειχα για χρονια οπως γαλα ψωμι ζαχαρη κ.α.Χορταινω με φρουτα κ λαχανικα κατι που πριν ηταν αδιανοητο.
Οτι κ να φαω το τρωω με μεγαλο σεβασμο,εχουν ολα πολυ καλη γευση.Δεν εχω το παραμικρο προβλημα με το στομαχι,με καουρες,με δυσκοιλιοτητα,
ολα λειτουργουν ρολοι.
Δεν υπαρχουν διακυμανσεις στην διαθεση μου κατα την διαρκεια της ημερας,καταλαβαινω την αυξιμενη ζωτηκοτητα απο το πρωι μεχρι το βραδυ.
Αισθανομαι οτι εχει καθαρισει το κεντρο μου κ οτι συνεπάγεται αυτο σχετικα με την ευεξια που νιωθω.
Ειναι σαν να εχει γινει επανεκκινηση στον οργανισμο μου.Ολα καθαρα παλι.

Ισως να τα εχεις ακουσει πολλες φορες αλλα επρεπε να στα πω κ μακαρι καποια στιγμη να τα πουμε κ απο κοντα.

Ευχαριστω πολυ!!!
Christos Lalios


How are you? 

Have been enjoying your posts. Just dug out a huge ginger root from the garden! Will try the very fresh ginger drink. 

Have been feeling great. Feel very comfortable with a diet of raw and the electrolyte soup or the kitchari. Even found mung beans. Am always sprouting one seed or another. Eating cacao beans and fresh goat cheese. Growing greens and tomatoes in the garden. Plenty of aloe vera (from the garden!). Enjoying.

Feel full of energy. In great spirits. Kind of all the time. A funny feeling. Used to have ups and downs, but now I seem to have ups and ups!

Feel clean, unburdened. Have lost body fat.

Am taking the supplements you recommended that I bought during my stay in Greece and now am running out. MSM (only available with glucosamina and conchoitina), zeolite and grapefruit seed extract are nowhere to be found. Still have green clay, taking niacin 100 mg (no more flush, shall I take two?), noni powder (fresh noni is not yet in season here). And the acipophilus at bedtime.

Any suggestions? Have been taking MSM, zeolite and clay, noni and grapefruit seed extract since October. Oh, and kelp capsules.

After the intensive cleansing in September I enjoy keeping myself clean.


Athens Greece
Copyright ©Anna Korakaki 


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