How our Colon Is the Harmonizer of the whole body!

We Love our colon!

How is it that colon has become the unimportant sewage that everyone is disgusted from, noone cares about, don`t talk to me about it thing, instead of being this gorgeous harmonizer, this Rainbow Maestro of our Inner Orchestra of all other organs, even the brain`s?

Did you know that all the organs receive their nutrients(vitamins minerlas etc.), once the perilstatic movement begins? The giver is the colon. That`s because when the stomach has finished it`s work and the food starts to move into the colon for the digestion to be completed, the blood that`s connecting with all the vessels and artiries with the colon, is taking the essential nutrients from it, in a very methodic and harmonious way, in order to distribute them to the rest of the organs.

The method goes like this, each organ contains it`s own vibration, just like each instrument does in an orchestra. The Maestro organ(Colon) contains all the other organ`s vibrations! Let me repeat that - Colon contains All the other organ`s vibrations, it`s their Maestro, their harmonizer, the Rainbow maker of our inner world!
Now imagine if the maestro doesn`t work properly... the whole musical piece is destroyed and the orchestra has to start all over again. When the music is our digestion(usually heavy food sitting in the colon for more than 12 hrs)is very hard to get rid of the food, and the result is that the food rotts.

How easy is for the food to rott?
Very easy, easier than you think... if one drinks an espresso just after a heavy meal, food rotts, same goes if one eats a desert straight after heavy meal. Same for a bad combination in a meal(more than one animal protein, many foods mixed together etc)
In the times we are living, rottenning of the food is an everyday thing. What happens when we leave something rotten in a dark humid space? that`s the question...
What happens is terrible and we have this terrible thing in our guts, creating more and more with each meal we take. Year by year, day by day, meal by meal... just imagine the hugeness of it!

Cleanse is an essential part of our lives. A must have, a super need, just as breathing is. When we eat, we have to clean afterwards.
Once a year a good cleanse is absolutely necessary, if we consume more that normal, twice a year and so on... a good start would be right now, upon waking up tomorrow morning, drink a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon in it. Do this every morning, first thing in the morning. This will start the flushing of the sewage, little by little until you get yourself involved in a good intestinal cleanse.

Good luck with finding your rainbow maker again!
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